We passionately pursue out-of-the box-thinking and are open to change. We celebrate creativity and embrace curiosity as the foundation for new ideas. We never rest on “that’s how we always do it”.

OWN it

We take pride in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable in every situation.  We execute with confidence and expediency to deliver value, quality and strong outcomes.  We honor our unique talents and value contributions both big and small.

Pursue EXCELLENCE together

We trust that together we can achieve more than any single individual can on their own. We pitch in to get the job done and we never confuse effort with results.  We are committed to finding a better way – through mentoring, collaboration and communication.  We celebrate our successes as a team!

ENJOY what you do

We respect the balance of work-life commitments and strive to create a harmonious corporate environment that inspires socialization, imagination, personal well-being and fun!  We value our team members as friends, recognizing that by respecting each other we are a better, more productive and happier company.  We understand the joy in charity and encourage giving back to our communities.

Execute with INTEGRITY

We will always do the right thing.  We execute our business with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and fair in all of our interactions with employees, investors, tenants, vendors and the public.