Social Responsibility

RAMCO is committed to promoting the interests of society and the environment by thoughtfully considering and responding to the impact of the Company’s business activities as they relate to its key stakeholders, including tenants, employees, shareholders, and host communities.

RAMCO is aware of its presence in the community and the social and environmental impact of owning and managing shopping centers. Everyday thousands of people visit a Ramco property creating a significant impact on both the social and environmental landscape. It is our goal to make everything we touch in that community a little better.

RAMCO is taking active steps to ensure the preservation and improvement of the overall quality of life for generations to come. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities to date demonstrate its intentions to uphold these values.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

RAMCO recognizes its responsibility as a good corporate citizen to provide for the continued well-being and sustainability of the environment and pursue those conservation initiatives that are in the best interests of its shareholders as well as the community as a whole. RAMCO is particularly committed to the responsible use of energy, land and water and has undertaken a number of initiatives to address these concerns:

  • Implementation of conservation methods and practices for redevelopment of existing shopping centers as well as the development of new properties including:
    • Participation in Brownfield remediation.
    • Restoration, expansion and preservation of natural habitats including wetlands.
    • Creation of green spaces such as on-site parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
    • Installation of amenities friendly to mass transit including park-n-ride sites and bike paths.
    • Reduction in the use of potable water for irrigation by capturing run-off water supplies and rain sensor installation.
    • Reusing demolished portions of sites for parking lot bases and other structures.
    • Conservation of land usage through structured parking.
    • Utilizing energy efficient LED lighting with automatic dusk to dawn timers.
    • Minimizing light trespass/leakage from sites; only lighting areas required for safety and overall comfort.
    • Recycling milled asphalt for parking lot installation/improvement.
    • Recycling waste through the use of segregated trash bins at all shopping centers.
  • Redeveloping existing assets as opposed to building new structures to ensure their long-term viability, beauty, and sustainability of a particular shopping center. This includes structural and architectural improvements that benefit the environment as well as contribute to the continued vitality of a particular area.

RAMCO’s Commitment to a Healthy Workplace

RAMCO has been honored with the Best and Brightest in Wellness award! This award is an innovative initiative that recognizes and celebrates quality and excellence in health awareness within the workplace.

RAMCO has instituted a number of successful programs designed to improve the overall health and well being of its employees, including:

  • The implementation of a corporate-wide Wellness Plan engineered by medical professionals that provides free health counseling, seminars, screenings and other educational tools to promote healthy living. The plan’s main emphasis is on diet and nutrition, weight management, exercise, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and cholesterol maintenance.
  • The development of a Corporate Healthy Food Policy to assist with healthy meal planning for corporate sponsored events, recommendations for healthy eating as well as the elimination of “unhealthy” food items in the workplace.
  • The promotion of “Lunch and Learn” and other educational seminars that focus on the wellbeing of its employees.

Community Support through Charitable Donations

RAMCO has an active Charitable Review Committee that works in partnership with its employees to evaluate charitable causes and allow for employee donations with matching funds provided by the Company.

Each month the committee selects a sponsor charity and hosts a casual day reward for participating employees. In 2013, the employees of RAMCO contributed over $30,000 in support of a number of worthwhile organizations and causes, including Lighthouse of Oakland County, Henry Ford Health Systems, American Cancer Society, Forgotten Harvest, Thin Blue Line, and Bottomless Toy Chest, and Hospice of Michigan.

Employees are also encouraged to donate their time and energy to charitable cause and events. In 2013, the employees of RAMCO participated in the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, Hospice of Michigan Race and Remember, Baldwin Center Soup Kitchen, The Chase Columbus Turkey Trot benefitting Easter Seals. Additionally, the Company hosted many corporate sponsored events focused on charity outreach.